Virgin Oil International



Virgin Oil International (Pvt) Ltd. is an export-oriented company that concentrates on production and processing of pure Ceylon virgin coconut oil. The company has dedicated its systems and processes to deliver world-class food products to some of the world’s largest food and cosmetics manufacturers.

Leading with
Distinction and Care

At the helm of the company lies diversity and expertise. The combined knowledge of industries such as commerce, trade, finance, manufacturing and food processing possessed by the management team together with a talented and experienced team of specialists in food production, has forged forward Virgin Oil International as a reliable and capable business entity, able to meet the demands required by our high-profile customers.

The Company’s main production facility is located in Bulugahawatta, Diwulapitiya – a village situated within a region known as the ‘Coconut Triangle’ of Sri Lanka. This strategic location has not only provided access to a steady supply of coconuts for continuous production, but more importantly to a cartel of coconut based service providers who possess intrinsic knowledge and experience in the production system.

Built according to international food processing standards, the fully-fledged production facility of the company consists of state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a high quality output at every stage of the production process. All key processes, viz washing, weighing, shredding, drying, expelling of oil, sedimentation, filling and storage are carried out as per strict quality standards and guidelines by experienced personnel who possess a thorough knowledge in their specific areas.
Apart from production of the principal product, virgin coconut oil, the company also produces coconut flour under the same stringent standards of quality and hygiene.